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So you made alot of statements..

So you made alot of statements.. but you didnt give a single solution. Is your solution to stop voting all together? Create a new party? Vote for republicans? Like what.. You are working really hard to make your readers angry but for what purpose? What’s your intended...

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Elections on a Blockchain?

Casting of votes is an important aspect of democracy. The whole idea of democracy is based on every person getting a say in the decision making process or of electing their representatives to collectively govern them all. Voting means giving your approval to a person,...

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The 6D Approach to Gamification

Gamification has been gaining steady ground in the businesses of today. What businesses are looking to do is to gamify the work processes performed by the employees so as to make their work more fulfilling and satisfying. The employees should feel a sense of...

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Tokenlab @TokenlabIO
North Carolina, USA
Tokenlab is a token and ico creation and management platform. #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Tokens #ICO
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Expanse is an ethereum like smart contract blockchain platform. Focusing on identity, equity, philanthropy, gamification and governance. #ExpanseCoin
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